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The Rocky Mountain-Kelly Lake Cree Nation State is a prime example of the divergent and complex relationships between the historically settled sovereign and independent indigenous Peoples' governance of the Canoe; and, that of the Crown Canada's Ship. Hence, customary laws and international laws attempt to explain away this modern era dilemma; wherein, the enfranchised settled indigenous Peoples are seeking to find international respect for these continued 650+ nation states north of the 49th parallel (as well as how to rationalize the further 500 sovereign settled nations south of this 49th parallel borderline) ... In North America / or / Turtle Island North (Canada-USA-Mexico) there remain today 15 million original indigenous settled Peoples, who are deprived of land titles through the principles of the Doctrines of Discovery.

The 2014 Scotland Independence Referendum serves as a reasonable comparison to the political, economic and governing paradox that prevails when one nation state occupies another nation state. Crown Canada remains a SHIP conditionally granted sailing authority on the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans north of this 49th parallel per the rightful paramount governing authorities of these 650+ original indigenous sovereign and independent settled Peoples (OISISP) of Turtle Island North. And, this is not disputed by Crown Canada : i.e., no treaty is registered at the United Nations, wherein the OISISP have entered into nation-to-nation treaty agreements to divest OISISP and install Crown Canada.