Commerce & Trade Overview

Welcome to Turtle Island North Crown Canada Where The Peace Trust Friendship Protocol Prevails
The FOUR CORNERS :East Coast to West Coast from the Arctic to the 49th Parallel : The FOUR CORNERS
Successful, honourable, binding commercial agreements between sovereign nation states have prevailed in North America / or Turtle Island North for in excess of 1000 years. Western European nations have entered into these fruitful commerce and trade contracts with the entrenched settled Peoples during these eons; as well as the current and honoured 400 years old nation-to-nation contracts with Empires of other lands. The Asian monks' monastery records detail peaceful and academic visitations for more than 3000 years.

And, therefore it is imperative that the global marketplace is clearly advised of the relationship between the 600+ entrenched sovereign settled nation states Peoples {habitation and governance in excess of seven continuous generations} and Crown Canada ... And, in particular, it is imperative to define the paramount governance of lands and resources; and, therein the regulatory authorities that govern both internal and external public and private trade and commerce activities. The United Nations has been petitioned in 2013 to establish a credentials Tribunal to facilitate establishing a clear governance declaration of the Turtle Island North of the 49th parallel / i.e., circa "Original Indigenous Settled Sovereign Nation State Peoples Crown Canada".